What Every SEO Company Should Know About Google Caffeine

Google has once again dropped the bomb. Google Caffeine, the newest update on its already complex algorithm, is said to hit the worldwide web on the first quarter of 2010. Just like Project Daddy released in 2005, Google Caffeine is bound to change the playing field of Internet marketing. Internet users will definitely appreciate the changes, but it might really mean a whole lot of work for SEO specialists and website owners. Next year, Google spiders will be smarter, quicker, and definitely more discriminative in crawling sites, and if you are not up to these changes, do not expect your site to appear on search results.

So what are these changes and what are the ways by which an SEO company could adapt to these changes?

1. Google Caffeine loves content.
Relevant and original content has been always been the leading treat for Google spiders for years now, but with Google Caffeine bound to do its magic next year, generic contents, no matter how many they are, will do you no good. For the new version of Google, latest news is king. Search engine spiders will give more priority to news than your regular informative articles.

2. Google Caffeine loves to socialize.
Social networking has boomed so much in the recent years. It has changed the way people interact with one another. Now, instead of doing a press release, famous celebrities would rather “tweet” or post what has been happening in their lives on Facebook. It is even safe to say that almost everyone in the world regardless of race and color have accounts on these social networking sites. Because of this phenomenon, it is not a surprise see Facebook or Twitter posts on the first page of Google. In light of this, a top SEO company can harness the power of social networking to build traffic for a site.

3. Meta Tags count a lot.
This is an important part of on page optimization, which unfortunately, most web owners fail to look into. If keyword-enriched meta tags are in place, Google spiders will find its way faster into a site. Make sure that the meta tags, both titles and descriptions, make sense in a way that they are not merely a bunch of keywords thrown together. They should really say what the site is all about, especially in the meta description.

4. If it takes time to load, it takes time to rank.
Many websites nowadays are highly minimalist in style, and this is not only for the sake of visual appeal. Website owners prefer uncluttered designs because they make loading faster, and when a site does not take forever to load, Google will most likely choose to give it higher priority. This actually makes perfect sense especially if you take into consideration the psychology of Internet users, which Google is really going for. In the first place, why would you put a site on the first page if users need to wait for an eternity for it to load? This is why web designers are not only designing to achieve that edgy aesthetic appeal, but also for the sake of the search engine friendliness of a website. Search engine specialists should make sure that this aspect of onpage optimization is also at par with Google’s standards.

Benefits of Utilizing a Specialist SEO Company

While a lot of online and bricks and mortar businesses have knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies that aim to give a more visible online presence, the decision on whether to continue in-house or shift entirely towards using the services of a SEO company can be a difficult one.

The choice of if or when to employ the services of a dedicated SEO team shouldn’t a quick decision, but one that needs a great deal of thought and consideration to arrive at your final answer. Some points to consider in determining the need for a SEO company are noted below –

SEO companies’ main focus is to help a business attract more customers and increase sales, which are achieved by helping a web site gain a more visible online presence, often via targeting specific keywords or phrases. SEO experts also assist with social media optimization, which relates to creating publicity using the social networking sites and reputation manage campaigns, which often relates to the brand management of a particular company. If an in-house team is unable to match a company’s goals or ambitions, it might well be time to invest in the services of professional search engine optimizers.

One vital aspect to ranking at the top of the search engines relates to the companies industry and the level of competition in that industry. It can be difficult to determine the best online marketing strategies to rise above the competition in a highly competitive field. However, if a SEO company is employed, they would have the time and recourses to research the online competition and to study your rankings. This will help to plan the most advantageous strategy for beating and out-ranking your competition in the search engine placements.

Also, even if a business is currently ranking highly in Google or Bing’s natural search results, it would still be necessary to keep up to date on the latest algorithm’s, which change quite frequently, as well as to know what steps and on-going marketing is required to maintain its existing high placement. SEO companies are naturally up-to-date on all changes to search strategies or algorithms.

Whether your operating a run a small or large business, in order to run an effective SEO campaign in-house, it would be necessary to dedicate a great deal of time, as we well as to invest in the required tools and resources. SEO professionals are already equipped with all these tools for tracking a marketing campaign and determining where a website ranks in the search engines.

Selecting an Honest and Reasonable SEO Company

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a well known phrase in the field of internet marketing. The SEO Company that you choose for growing your business should be reliable and effective. This is an important step because not many search engine optimization firms deliver to their promises. Moreover, it would be in your best interest to stay away from the companies that adopt black hat techniques. You will need to conduct a thorough research about the company to understand their potentials before hiring them.

When you hire an SEO company, they will first initiate your project with the content development phase. You will not be able to sell from your website if your contents do not add value to your potential customers. In addition to creating quality and unique content, they will integrate it with the popular keywords related to your business. This is a time consuming process, and it is best handled by reliable search engine optimization firms.

Before taking steps of hiring an SEO company for your business, you must get yourself acquainted with various guidelines associated with different search engines. This knowledge is going to help you to select the right search engine optimization firms.

Selecting the suitable SEO specialist:

  1. You must ensure that SEO specialist with whom you are going to deal with is well aware of terms and regulations set by the search engines. These terms and conditions are sometimes subject to change, and they should be in thick with things whenever that happens.
  2. You may also ask your prospective SEO experts if they could provide you with references. You could contact those references to know more about them. You could also discuss about their competence on discussion forums.
  3. You must also ask about their experience in this field. More than experience, it is their commitment levels that should impress you. Sometimes, even the experienced companies tend to get complacent.
  4. Ask them about all the procedures that they will be adopting to help you grow your business online. You could then check on the discussion forums if those procedures are legitimate or not.
  5. Check if they will give you a proper updates on proceedings in a regular manner. You could ask them to send the web traffic analytics report every fortnight. This report can help you calculate your returns on investments. It might start on a slow scale, but you will need to see an upward trend down the line.

There are plenty of SEO companies floating around, but you must be aware about various unethical practices that many such companies indulge in. Such practices can pose a higher risk of losing your website rankings.

You must be particularly careful about those companies who ensure first page rankings in a short duration. Such promises are totally unrealistic and the company is just trying to lure you into hiring them. You got to understand that the relationships build on lies do not last for long. The same rule also applies for business relationships as well. Obviously the search engine optimization companies will be working with you on annual contracts. Therefore it is better to hire the ones that are honest with their approach.