Why Hire an SEO Company? Isn’t It All Smoke and Mirrors?

Hiring an SEO company is a big leap of faith. The results they claim to provide are out of yours and their hands because, ultimately, everything is down to how some computer programmers on the other side of the world think the results should look. Not to mention that companies such as Google change their mind more often than the weather does during a typical British summer. So why should you even think about hiring an SEO company?

1. Google may be fickle but it’s also fairly predictable

Google’s search results seem to change with the wind. They have to adapt to different, increased, expectations of web surfers. They have to adapt to changes in the websites in the results. And they have to cope with people who try to “game” the results. All that is just for starters.

The most predictable thing about Google is that they would like you to give them money by paying every time someone clicks on a search result. That’s been a given for a long time and is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. But there is no way they’d be able to claim thousands or even millions of results from paid adverts alone. So they need regular sites as well. Which is where SEO comes in.

Google’s computers are looking for good quality content. They’ve got bright enough programmers to be able to comb through the (literally) billions of pages they’ve crawled to be able to work out whether the pages on your site are good, bad or indifferent with regard to content. They do this in the blink of an eye, thanks to some serious computing power before a web page even gets near appearing in the search results.

2. An expert SEO company knows what needs doing

Search engine optimisation needs an understanding of computers and an understanding of people. Because search results are a mixture of both of these: humans type in the searches, computers try to make sense of those searches and use all sorts of data to work out whether they have given you the best results.

A good SEO company will be able to help get inside your customers heads to predict what they are likely to be searching for before even they know.

A bit like Derren Brown does with the people on his TV shows.

In fact, very much like that.

On their own, individuals aren’t predictable but collectively they are. Which is how SEO works. It starts with a rough idea of what people are searching for – using things like Google’s keywords tool, trends of what people are searching for and various other computerised crystal ball equivalents.

It then goes on to ask “what if” style questions to work out what people are really searching for when they look for your product. That’s the fun part if you’re a nerd and the boring part if you’re not.

Once that’s done, the SEO company will come up with a plan to tackle the promotion of your website.

This will start with your website itself and then, when that’s fixed, promoting it. Because despite what your website designer promised, it’s unlikely that your website presents the best possible image to computers and humans. It’s not impossible. But it’s usually outside the fluffy designer type remit.

3. It’s their job

You wouldn’t let a tree surgeon fix your broadband connection. And you’d be unlikely to let either of them loose distilling vodka. All these different jobs require an element of skill and practice.

SEO is no different.

It’s an increasingly specialist field. It takes hours every month just to keep up with the latest trends and best practices.

So If you’re hoping to do your own SEO out of a book, you may be working with out of date advice or things that no longer exist. Then you have to hunt around to find what is current best practice and hope that the person telling you what to do has done enough research to actually know what they’re doing rather than merely guessing and keeping their fingers crossed that what they’re doing won’t wreck your business before the cheque clears.